Gigi Hadid Gives Jimmy the Only Men's Pair of Her EyeLoveMore Mules

2017-11-16 2,228,283 views 05:07 30,829 1,246
Published by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Gigi Hadid chats with Jimmy about her obsession with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, being Glamour's Woman of the Year and using her Stewart Weitzman shoe lines, the EyeLove and EyeLoveMore, to build new schools in Guatemala, Ghana and Laos.

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Gigi Hadid Gives Jimmy the Only Men's Pair of Her EyeLoveMore Mules


Everytime she talks it sounds like she's gonna cry
Gabriella Beauty. 5 hours and 26 minutes ago.
and she is an illuminati 👁️
The Sid Logs. 8 hours and 46 minutes ago.
her voice seem so odd
sita kusuma. 9 hours and 49 minutes ago.
man she's smoking hot , zayn is in heaven.
Waqas Tahir. 14 hours and 20 minutes ago.
Claire Router. 1 day and 5 hours ago.
hey awesome shoes Gigi proud of you! this is from Sania
Umer Ahmed. 2 days and 1 hour ago.
24 minus 7 is 8 lol wow jimmy can't do basic math
Nancy Perez. 2 days and 23 hours ago.
I hate Mules 😏
Elisa e. 3 days and 4 hours ago.
Rhx xu. 4 days and 16 hours ago.
That is a very nice and cool young lady.
Nestor123057. 5 days and 11 hours ago.
Yes it's in our culture and other cultures ,but it's not in our religion ,we keep ourselves safe from envy by (praying is a must) reading the memorizing of dawn and evening every day ,and by reading Alfateha surah ,Al korsi verse ,Al falaq surah , Alnas surah ,and Al ikhlas surah ,also we say du'aa and supplications for protection ,and rely only on our creator (Allah) .
M A. 6 days and 8 hours ago.
This shoe is like wtf
English Music. 6 days and 18 hours ago.
I love her 😍😍
Potterheaded Directioner. 6 days and 19 hours ago.
O love you gigi 😘
Alara X TV. 6 days and 20 hours ago.
η Gigi Hadid μου φαίνεται άσχημη!!!
Eleni Mponti. 7 days and 5 hours ago.
OMG! She's voice it's stupid
XD Mixer. 7 days and 10 hours ago.
Gigi looks so nervous ...
Dip Y2j. 7 days and 19 hours ago.
I read a book about the guy who stared pencils of promise and they have built over 100 schools now
Ashley Tyles. 7 days and 22 hours ago.
I love it when a model is eating stuff like that hahaha
My style. 8 days and 31 minutes ago.
Her voice is deeper than justin bieber
fouriertransformable. 8 days and 18 hours ago.