2 Weeks with iPhone X

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iJustine. 2 months and 10 days ago.
This Iphone Sucks
Chris5107. 7 hours and 31 minutes ago.
Is she saying the 8 plus is better
Shellie Moore. 13 hours and 4 minutes ago.
i liked this video not because she is so dumb. She took the paintpoint of doing that stupid makeup, watertest , mirror test, photo test just to test face ID.
Hit Man. 2 days and 2 hours ago.
I think she is the girlfriend of EverythingApplePro 🤣😂😎
alishan ahmed. 2 days and 12 hours ago.
This channel can be named iZombie... can’t wait to go back to android phone... writing from an shitty jet black IPhone 7 Plus... flies away
HSMihai. 3 days and 7 hours ago.
I’m getting an iPhone X
Tilda Sargent. 4 days and 2 hours ago.
Justine I'm from India. Your videos are fabulous .Iam agreat fan of yours.
Saujanya Paul. 4 days and 22 hours ago.
iPhone Xpensive
Cindy Zhang. 6 days and 7 hours ago.
I am buying one of these 2 things soon What should I buy The iPhone X or the MacBook Pro 2017 13 inch Plss someone
Diego Furber. 6 days and 8 hours ago.
Off topic. Where did you bought this iphone x cover from?
Sakib Ashraf. 7 days and 4 hours ago.
do you see the notch on netflix?? (very important info lol)
Bebe Ballerina. 7 days and 13 hours ago.
A Top Notch Phone.
JOE Bozza. 7 days and 21 hours ago.
I had my iPhone X for literally a week and I traded it for an iPhone 8 Plus. 😂
Emily Howard. 7 days and 23 hours ago.
Can you put the links for iPhone X Mophie case and wireless charging? I totally agree it is so much more difficult
Kevin Leong. 8 days and 10 hours ago.
Even though it is smaller the iPhone X screen is the same size as iPhone plus. It seems like it has the same size screen.
Kevin Leong. 8 days and 10 hours ago.
Look at this video. Apple Pro says that it can go down to 30 feet.
Kevin Leong. 8 days and 10 hours ago.
Slow down girl
Abhishek Peter. 9 days and 16 minutes ago.
Doesnt she seem kind of high energy
Reilly Case. 9 days and 4 hours ago.
When you used a mirror the phone shoots the lights at the mirror and it reflects back onto your face and unlocks
JasonFrosty. 9 days and 5 hours ago.