Melting All My Nude Lipsticks Together

2017-08-11 3,528,116 views 13:20 156,081 2,301
Published by Safiya Nygaard


I melted all my nude lipsticks together and combined them into one mega-lipstick! No lipsticks were (irreparably) hurt in the making of this video. You guys know I'm a lipstick hoarder, so I thought I might as well put all my lip colors to good use - and make my own creation! Would you guys do this?

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this was difficult to do but i think the lipstick we got in the end was a good one!! what do u guys think? did u like the ending color? and, what should it be called?? xo, saf
Safiya Nygaard. 7 days and 58 seconds ago.
I think you should do it again, and do the most painful thing and use only the ones you really like. Maybe you would make a creation you will REALLY LOVE! Face your fear!
Icanhasmovies. 2 minutes and 59 seconds ago.
Coffee mate
Milania Genna. 8 minutes and 19 seconds ago.
Coffee mate
swiftie4ever !. 21 minutes and 8 seconds ago.
I love this! I kinda want to do it with the lipsticks I don't wear often now 😅
SarahKristin. 25 minutes and 28 seconds ago.
Peep that last bit of the manicure 👀👀
Brie. 40 minutes and 4 seconds ago.
Coffee mate for sure❤️❤️
Lilia. 40 minutes and 29 seconds ago.
Bikini bottom!
Harriet Cooper. 42 minutes and 15 seconds ago.
Safiya Nygaard Coffee ☕️ mate ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
Figure Skater. 43 minutes and 42 seconds ago.
Coffee mate
Pastel Slimez. 44 minutes and 30 seconds ago.
Coffee mate
Lol lolman101. 45 minutes and 41 seconds ago.
coffee mate
Luge. 48 minutes and 38 seconds ago.
coffee mate
Bad Girl. 55 minutes and 40 seconds ago.
Bikini bottom!!!
Jessica Connell. 57 minutes and 1 second ago.
i would buy that color.i liked it so much
Teacatcher. 1 hour and 3 minutes ago.
I love the final color and the bikini bottom name😘
TeaTime With Mrs.T. 1 hour and 11 minutes ago.
Bikini Bottom
Gabby G.. 1 hour and 14 minutes ago.
I loveeee the color!!!!
Mai Sebiey. 1 hour and 16 minutes ago.
Wow!! It looks really nice
Football Friends. 1 hour and 19 minutes ago.
Bakinni bottem
maddie brown. 1 hour and 19 minutes ago.