Splitting Pellets with a Knife in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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When you throw a lump of metal at a very sharp piece of metal, the sharp piece of metal wins. You can't see it with your eyeball, but thankfully Gav and Dan are here.
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Thanks to Destin from Smarter Every Day for lending us the camera - https://www.youtube.com/user/destinws2

2nd Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgC4Nn0rqqdeqACnzaIMo_Q?app=desktop

Shot on the Phantom V2511 at 28,500fps - 118,000fps
Splitting Pellets with a Knife in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys


4:40 if you look closely you can see the pellet touch slightly the green baloon and makin a dent. So amazing how close it gone past
Jack Daniels. 2 hours and 3 minutes ago.
Can you guys do a slomo video of my taking a huge shi
Edgar Gutierrez. 19 hours and 37 minutes ago.
These slo mo videos are like porn for science.
TheOrdinary Doodler. 23 hours and 33 minutes ago.
Weld. 1 day and 17 minutes ago.
SOG some ordinary gamers
Shapeshifter Rebellion. 1 day and 50 minutes ago.
Pro tip: people that shoot steel plates usually have them slightly angled so they dont get a ricochet in their face!
deluxe sauce. 1 day and 2 hours ago.
We ever you make a video it's great
kermit the blyat. 1 day and 4 hours ago.
Are those sounds actually the real sounds slowed down? I have my doubts that they are and would like to know
TopHat Videos Inc.. 1 day and 4 hours ago.
That’s cool
Mrblames Gaming. 1 day and 5 hours ago.
Ahil Zaheer. 1 day and 6 hours ago.
Start at 4:44 - you can see tiny ripples in the green balloon if you look really close.
Jonathan P___________. 1 day and 9 hours ago.
What do you think about first go well I might kill my neighbors
Nathan Georges. 1 day and 17 hours ago.
Havio 10st. 3 days and 9 hours ago.
now i got a great idea! Fill up a balloon with water and... Punch it. Then film it in slow motion.
Siguy 12305. 3 days and 20 hours ago.
Wait Slow Mo Guys... SMG... there's also smg4 SLOW MO GUYS R SMG4 CONFIRMED
The Blaze. 3 days and 22 hours ago.
I think SOG is probably the town of Solingen in Germany where many sharp knives and razorblades come from; I used to own a Merkur razor from there once upon a time.
Matt Awbery. 5 days and 8 hours ago.
At 7:10, the left bullet hits the balloon first but is second making it through the back. You can see it if you put the speed at 0.25.
BaconEggKing. 5 days and 9 hours ago.
лайк ко із тячева а американці ітакня не поймут
вадим кушнир. 5 days and 12 hours ago.
Thought the thumbnail was a picture of modern art
Daniel Alfaro. 5 days and 19 hours ago.
amazing video, I care about how much can I get this vidicon in store?
Paul tian. 5 days and 22 hours ago.