Splitting Pellets with a Knife in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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When you throw a lump of metal at a very sharp piece of metal, the sharp piece of metal wins. You can't see it with your eyeball, but thankfully Gav and Dan are here.
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Shot on the Phantom V2511 at 28,500fps - 118,000fps
Splitting Pellets with a Knife in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys


For the next one you should do fireworks under water but the water is frozen on a lake or pond?!?
J Brewer. 13 minutes and 5 seconds ago.
special operations group
the redredreaper. 1 hour and 20 minutes ago.
(Little information on how/why the pellet splits) 1. Everyone should know this but, since the blade is sharp and far thinner on the edge than the pellet (0.177 of an inch) along with the force the air pistol puts on the back of the pellet causes it to split. 2. The pellet that was used was made of lead, the majority of pellets are. While being a lot heavier, it is also much softer than steel, which is what the blade is made out of. This difference is what makes the cut so clean and like butter, which you can see in 28,500fps. The lead on steel is also why the cut edge that Dan shows is so smooth and perfect, along with the great made knife by SOG! Which, by the way, is said like hog but with an 'S'. Thanks for the video guys, nice to see the split in action! NOTE: The reason real bullets fired out of a firearm also split is because bullets are made of lead as well. A lot of them have a copper lining on them, which is also softer than steel.
TargetShooter145. 1 hour and 59 minutes ago.
OMG I was the 600,000 subscriber to your other channel!!!!
PICKLE RICK. 2 hours and 16 minutes ago.
Why is Meg never in these videos?
Eric Barnes. 2 hours and 27 minutes ago.
Slow mo bottle filp
When I Was Young A Penny Cost A Nickel. 3 hours and 16 minutes ago.
You guys should try something with glow sticks. Chop a load with an axe like you did with the lynx can. It would look awesome under exposed. Maybe even throw some into an upside down lawnmower! Ha!
Seb Gee. 3 hours and 20 minutes ago.
Is nobody gonna point out how right now this has 666 dislikes? It just proves, haters are all Satan worshippers.
Cyril Gigee. 3 hours and 45 minutes ago.
golf ball vs axe trick shot plz. Recreate what how ridiculous did!
James 'o' Biscuits. 4 hours and 57 minutes ago.
Who else would watch a forensics show with gav and dan?
cinemafaux. 6 hours and 45 minutes ago.
You got hit because you're a dumbass, and you don't know how to fire a weapon properly. If you're going to do something like this and claim to be safe, you've gotta learn what you're doing first.
conconexplosion. 7 hours and 8 minutes ago.
I just got the best idea: shoot a really big bubble with a real gun and see if the bullet gets all the way through the bubble.
paradoxed. 8 hours and 8 minutes ago.
Do a slo mo burn out
Rhys Symonds. 8 hours and 13 minutes ago.
Put powder paint on a trampoline then jump on to it
Topsy Kretts. 9 hours and 7 minutes ago.
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XxPANDA_MASTER_OF_69Xx SEXX_IS_MA_GANG. 9 hours and 27 minutes ago.
Dan should apply for a record of being slowest man ever
QurttoRco. 9 hours and 31 minutes ago.
I have a suggestion. How about fireworks/explosives underwater/ice or some kind of barrier?
Ryan. 10 hours and 6 minutes ago.
almost cool.. gayyyyyyyy
Bill Nye. 10 hours and 27 minutes ago.
Tin nose. 11 hours and 20 minutes ago.
Why do they tell us not to do this at home when there doing it in there doing it at there place !?
Victor Manuelle Quinones. 12 hours and 5 minutes ago.