Monologue: Fat Man and Little Boy | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

2017-08-12 862,856 views 06:20 8,765 1,441
Published by Real Time with Bill Maher


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Bill reacts to the escalating tensions between President Trump and North Korea in his Real Time monologue.

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Oh, just get under your desk, heck Trump learned this in grade school.
Pat Stidman. 22 days and 22 hours ago.
Maria McKnight. 23 days and 18 hours ago.
James Tapelband. 1 month and 10 days ago.
Even Maher said he thinks Trump may win 2020. That is how much he believes this Russia bullshit.
Cleo L. 1 month and 14 days ago. are going to be on the wrong side of history..Are you claiming Clinton (never president only Sec. of State) is bad so it is OK for Trump to be bad? ..Mueller is after everyone not just Trump JR. way too much at stake to show his hand early and just get one person. It takes time, over 8 years 138 people were convicted in the Reagan administration for all sorts of crimes. Mueller wants the convictions to stick. Plus, if Mueller arrests Trump Jr. now his Dad will use his executive power to pardon his son. Mueller is going to get charges filed by the states for state crimes so Pres. Trump can't use his pardon power. Where is the plenty of evidence the Clinton started a Trump/Russia rumor?(FOXNEWS, NEWSMAX) provide a news source that proves your claim by a non-conservative news outlet. Liberals don't love the person (Clinton) - they love what is possible with liberal ideology. (ex: social security, medicare etc..) As far as liberalism goes. Pres. Kennedy explained it best: if by a "Liberal" you mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties -- someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal." Cleo ... what social programs have you used during your life time?... public roads, schools, police and fire, the US military ... there are at least 60 other liberal/social programs that you and I may have used.
Ihatefracking. 1 month and 15 days ago.
Selfie stick in a survival kit ;) I remember seeing Asians with that for the first time... I knew it's gonna be a must have. Love you, Bill!
mj. 1 month and 17 days ago.
If the little boy did manage to launch two or 3 missiles at LA, most of them either blow up just after launch, or fall into the sea. It might be easier to win the lottery than die from one of his duds. But what about our response? Would we reduce North Korea to ashes in retaliation, or would we just sit back and smile and joke at Kim shooting blanks? The thing that scares me is that Trump, in an effort to divert attention away from his numerous scandals, just might use an admittedly aggressive act like launching nuclear missiles at us, to kill millions of people and thereby rally support of the entire GOP. We know they all love killing foreigners. Trump just might see this as his opportunity to go down in history as the greatest President. He is, as far as I can tell, insane.
James Harris. 1 month and 21 days ago.
best episode. so funny
abu huda. 1 month and 25 days ago.
daily pilot office glove most grant hope appointment stem.
Jamie Taylor. 1 month and 26 days ago.
Favor option gravity pie female winner face themselves nevertheless conflict.
Laura Martens. 1 month and 26 days ago.
Downfall of America starts now lol
Leap. 1 month and 27 days ago.
love the comedy
Jon Smith. 1 month and 29 days ago.
Bill please ask why Trump won't send the national guard to the various hate rallies being held across the country like he said he would do in Chicago.
David Lucena. 1 month and 29 days ago.
Fat Man vs Little Boy - Dumby vs Gumby
Clubland Exrcixe. 1 month and 29 days ago.
Bill! You should talk about THIS on your next show!!
Davethreshold. 1 month and 30 days ago.
trump is honestly the best man ever -sad
IdeaBox. 1 month and 30 days ago.
House Trump: Fire and Fury
TheFlag&AnthemGuy. 1 month and 30 days ago.
One of my favourite Comedian.. Respect Sir From India.
Zaved Raisuz Zaman. 1 month and 30 days ago.
At least they make me say nice things.
Rev Revolver. 1 month and 30 days ago.
What about native Americans? Nobody speaks out..n pisses me the fuck dude sucking no dick..dung..u know if i was prez this shit would stop right now... Virginia..KKK bitches n neo natzis would be disbanded right the fuck now..dude i Love u!!
Sarah Jones. 2 months and 2 hours ago.