Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official)

2017-10-10 42,956,800 views 02:35 729,620 28,029
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Watch the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and see it in theaters December 15. Get your tickets now:

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looks sick thought it would be good! glad they have used a women to be more as a main role!!
LH10Gaming. 3 minutes and 39 seconds ago.
Nicu Bazan. 3 minutes and 39 seconds ago.
im gunna watch it at the theders
Danger Jason. 5 minutes and 23 seconds ago.
Just saw it, absolutely fantastic movie, even better than Force awakens
Talvis. 15 minutes and 30 seconds ago.
AGROturtle. 16 minutes and 5 seconds ago.
What a big steaming pile of libturd!! Absolute SJWs wet dream....Pathetic!
BadMan Riddimz. 19 minutes and 19 seconds ago.
John williams is so amazing with these soundtracks
DarthWave. 19 minutes and 25 seconds ago.
Raw sauce
Claudio Berrutti. 21 minutes and 14 seconds ago.
I was hoping for better but, nope. If you follow Rotten Tomatoes, know that they have this movie a 93% fresh. It's as good as Justice League was good. Thor Ragnarok was better, Logan was much better.
Doc Bino. 23 minutes and 28 seconds ago.
Together participate sure survival oil array humor second universe everything.
Elijah White. 27 minutes and 34 seconds ago.
Saw the movie yesterday and it is as amazing as the Empire Strikes Back!
Sophia Ahmed. 27 minutes and 58 seconds ago.
Such a marvelous film. At first I didn't have high hopes, being a fan of the original movies, but it actually was great! The plot, pacing, scenery, dialogue and characters were marvelous, and some moments had took me by surprise, made me laugh, and even motivated me. Star Wars: The Last Jedi definitely takes my vote as one of the BEST movies of 2017 for sure!
Brianna Wilson. 37 minutes and 48 seconds ago.
What have you done Disney......
Bruce Lin. 41 minutes and 34 seconds ago.
Who else thinks those ice foxes look Like alolan vulpixes? No one? Okay...
LazerlordGaming. 44 minutes and 27 seconds ago.
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Gabriel Reynolds. 45 minutes ago.
I don't get how people are hating on the film why don't they understand the power of the dark side 😡😡😡
live life a little. 45 minutes and 34 seconds ago.
The movie was great. But every scene on that casino planet really dragged. Turned the movie from a 10/10 to an 8/10
Doug. 48 minutes and 29 seconds ago.
Best movie EVER
Daniela Solis. 49 minutes and 3 seconds ago.
I LOVED the movie. too bad some Star Wars „fans“ won’t like the movie. Seriously take what you get guys. There won’t be a perfect Star Wars movie.
K D. 49 minutes and 23 seconds ago.
I saw this a day early on December 14
Joshua Su. 51 minutes and 18 seconds ago.