Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show

2018-01-12 4,300,941 views 02:37 65,462 21,253
Published by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah


During a White House meeting on immigration, President Trump questions why people from "s**thole countries" like Haiti and African nations are allowed to come to the U.S.

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😃😂😂😂😂 "we were finally going to say you did something rite... But the he did something trump "😂😂😂seriously I was gonna give him his full props but this man is racist
New Creation Step Team. 5 hours and 36 minutes ago.
I’m black and that was mean
Jacob Hilaire. 7 hours and 29 minutes ago.
the people from Haiti are not s*** hole people I happen to live in a s******* neighborhood that doesn't make me a s******* person. whare you are raised does not make you a subpar human ... Obama is a fine example he's dark skin and nobody's calling him a s******* person. Cuba has beautiful people but a communist shit hole country.
Randy Francum. 9 hours and 31 minutes ago.
Mendela effect
Noah Stemann. 11 hours and 16 minutes ago.
Your show is a shithole.
john rotten. 12 hours and 29 minutes ago.
So how many of y'all are going to Haiti or Africa for vacation, or even better, to live there? They're such an improvement over your lives in America, right?
TheBookWorm1718. 12 hours and 31 minutes ago.
they moon screen😂😂😂
eric cartmen. 13 hours and 8 minutes ago.
well - they are shitholes :-)
CapitanoGUC. 14 hours and 14 minutes ago.
Pardon my language but he can suck himself
Trey Moyo. 14 hours and 26 minutes ago.
i come from South Shithole, and i can confirm this statement. thumbs up for mr.Trump lel
Franco Labuschagne. 15 hours and 49 minutes ago.
Well he is right
lawrence michau. 17 hours and 30 minutes ago.
Hi :) I'm "Moonscreenian", aka. Norwegian and I don't mind having a more multicultural society at all :D If anybody would like to come over and help show Trump an alternative to an all-moonscreen country, come right over!
Nicostratos. 17 hours and 40 minutes ago.
I live in Africa , most countries are the definition of shithole. Its true, And its Trevor constantly saying super white and white people seems like the real racist here. If Africa was so great , why did he leave ? The corruption here is a mess and the countries are a mess due to them being run by the wrong people , people who dont know how to run a country.So just because you are offended and say someone else is racist to cover your own racism doesnt make what this orange man said to be false.
Hen Mar. 21 hours and 35 minutes ago.
David Korah. 22 hours and 45 minutes ago.
"non-white countries" I'm not supporting trump but there is no need to spread fake news.
Robin Lundqvist. 1 day and 3 hours ago.
Im offended... im gonna blow some buildings for this
Osama Bin laden. 1 day and 3 hours ago.
Ewerette Steyn. 1 day and 4 hours ago.
Syd Barrett. 1 day and 5 hours ago.
ronny lopez. 1 day and 6 hours ago.
This was also kinda racist towards Norwegians :)
Felix Lund. 1 day and 12 hours ago.