Freezing Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen

2018-02-11 1,351,806 views 12:16 19,513 3,196
Published by The King of Random


Today we're finding out what happens if you put Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen!

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They should get a 3d printer and make some cool stuff
Bob Billy. 14 days and 8 hours ago.
what happens when you put a watermelon into the vacuum chamber??
Pan Bulka. 7 hours and 25 minutes ago.
Love the music
Spykidc Gaming. 1 day and 1 hour ago.
Sometimes just the music can change the whole video
Spykidc Gaming. 1 day and 1 hour ago.
You can pill it like a egg
N Starks. 1 day and 6 hours ago.
Petition to rename the king of random to "The workshop"
nodrinks. 2 days and 14 hours ago.
look's like your peeling a egg
John Borsoff. 3 days and 2 hours ago.
I have 5 seconds to trick you..... Read more
Mikey - Roblox. 5 days and 6 hours ago.
U can’t replace him
Daniel S Joykutty. 5 days and 18 hours ago.
Put aerogel into liquid nitrogen.
Nathan Getz. 6 days and 19 hours ago.
Heat is part of the fire triangle
Lionheart. 6 days and 20 hours ago.
Dope video man! Loved it!! 👍🏾
Inspired by R&R. 6 days and 22 hours ago.
Sure, just dump that acetone right down the drain outside just for a YouTube video :/
OneSingleCheezIt. 8 days and 25 minutes ago.
Am I the only one waiting for the ambulance surprise ending?
TexasTongan. 8 days and 48 minutes ago.
Do a follow up where you drop the frozen acetone ball onto styrofoam. Does it still melt through?
_. bloopo ._. 8 days and 5 hours ago.
Also soiled acetone
Ashbro TV. 8 days and 5 hours ago.
What happens when you combine acetone with liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and water?
Ashbro TV. 8 days and 5 hours ago.
music too loud
J. Taylor. 8 days and 10 hours ago.
Respect, with so much acetone floating around you must have been high as a kight, and have an afterwords headache for a week
Rico Loco. 8 days and 15 hours ago.
Dump liquid nitrogen on molten metal
Ryan Perkins. 8 days and 20 hours ago.