Jimmy Fallon CRIES During Taylor Swift's "New Years Day" Performance

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You might know that Jimmy Fallon canceled all of last week's tapings following the death of his mother, Gloria and returned Monday night, still visibly shaken from his loss. Holding back tears, Fallon at one point recounted a childhood memory of his mom squeezing his hand three times to say "I love you."
Tonight producer, mike dicenzo said on twitter, that QUOTE Taylor was not scheduled to do our show today, but we wanted something special for the first show back, so we asked her on a complete whim, since she had been in town doing SNL. She said yes with zero hesitation.” Taylor told the show, she would sing New Year’s Day – and it was even more perfect and beautiful that you would expect.
Yes, you heard that right – the lyrics of the song actually describe the story Jimmy told about his mother.
And Taylor didn’t change the lyrics for this performance, that’s what the song is. The Roots’ drummer Questlove tweeted yesterday evening QUOTE I’m just realizing Taylor didn’t readjust the song’s lyrics for tonight’s performance. But the narrative literally applies to the words Jimmy spoke of his mother. Wow. You can’t plan these things @taylorswift13 @FallonTonight
That kind of serendipity sends shivers down my spine. I’m so glad Jimmy’s mother was present even in Taylor’s unscheduled musical performance. Nobody knew ahead of time what the song would be, as the producer tweeted QUOTE; She sang "New Year's Day." No one had heard it. Suddenly she sings the line, "Squeeze my hand 3 times in the back of the taxi." I nearly gasped. Tears. I think everyone in the audience started sobbing.
Jimmy, of course, was also profoundly affected by Taylor’s song, the producer tweeted.
“I could see Jimmy silhouetted at his desk dabbing his eyes with a tissue. We all lost it. It was a beautiful coincidence in a beautiful performance. "Hold on to your memories, they will hold on to you,"
What an incredibly profound and touching moment. As the producer said as well, Whatever you think of Taylor, she did something beautiful for Jimmy and our show and we’re forever grateful. And we, at Clevver, are grateful that Jimmy got to pay tribute to his mother in such a meaningful way. How incredible is this? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you so much for watching Clevver, I’m Zoe Lillian and I’ll see you next time

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EnchantedSimmer xo. 9 hours and 19 minutes ago.
... I dunno why I thought that TS doesn't look like TS in this video. At first.
kim poh pang. 1 day and 1 hour ago.
How can people dislike Taylor
XplicitPoisonSVR. 1 day and 10 hours ago.
This shows what a beautiful person Taylor really is. Much love.
Chachi B. 6 days and 11 hours ago.
10 horas de introducción para un trocingo de vídeo 🙄
Yessica Ribera. 7 days and 21 hours ago.
That is so sweet and touching makes me want to cry
Jake Peralta. 8 days and 8 minutes ago.
That was humble indeed!
Nowrin Hoque. 8 days and 7 hours ago.
nainy pryse. 14 days and 9 hours ago.
|-/ Stay alive for Taylor
Emine Aydın. 16 days and 10 hours ago.
See the performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8QV5fa7xa4
Daniella Risi. 17 days and 10 hours ago.
That's soooooo sad 😢
CydtheKyd. 18 days and 23 hours ago.
Shut the fuck up and let the video play.
Robert Peals. 20 days and 5 hours ago.
Mother is everyhing!
Priyam Dutta. 20 days and 12 hours ago.
JIMMY Cryes by biggest flop of taytay😂😂😂😂
Rafael Zelaya. 21 days and 14 hours ago.
🧜🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️💅🏻I’m a gay fairy🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏿‍♂️
Youtube Fag. 21 days and 19 hours ago.
an amazing coincidence, almost like he sacrificed her to a satanic cult for fame
Zimzim. 21 days and 22 hours ago.
Man taylor really like DICK
PiXeL RaiN Hd. 22 days and 18 hours ago.
so... whatever i think of Taylor? I think of Taylor, as a precious, beautiful, loving artist...whom you should never have to qualify her, as if something is wrong with her?!!! Where does anyone get off judging? "DON'T TRY TO GET THE SPLINTER OUT OF YOUR BROTHER'S EYE- WHEN YOU HAVE A BOARD IN YOUR OWN." (no matter what you think of Jesus Christ.... He spoke these words)
sunny blue. 22 days and 18 hours ago.
This is why I love Taylor
Jocelyn makes videos. 23 days and 21 hours ago.
This has nothing to do with this video but taylor does look like herself in the thumbnail
watch anything. 24 days and 9 hours ago.