5 McDonald's Gadgets put to the Test!

2018-01-11 2,553,827 views 11:09 46,821 3,789
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To drink shakes you gotta use a boba tea straw
Judah Maxwell. 3 hours and 26 minutes ago.
Now I miss going to the drive in! (before it was a drive thru)
Citizen 1. 5 hours and 8 minutes ago.
"McDonalds gadjiks" and "ice kim"
fizixx. 5 hours and 35 minutes ago.
In mother russia mc donalds eats you
The actual lil pump jetski. 6 hours and 27 minutes ago.
What does mala bara touri mean
Armando Rodriguez. 6 hours and 28 minutes ago.
Haha I must be older than you @Taras, I remember the burger characters well! Do you even remember who grimace or hamburglar was??? Haha keep doing what you’re doing man, years strong with you now on multiple accounts! Well done big fella 😎
DangerousDaveSlater. 8 hours and 23 minutes ago.
Oh my God I remember those stir sticks from when I was young, that definitely brought forth some nostalgia.
Tasoula Adossidis. 12 hours and 55 minutes ago.
At 47 seconds in the video he sneezes bless you crazy Russian hacker
Michael earley. 13 hours and 35 minutes ago.
the straw wasnt made for that it was made for layered drinks
Hax Pixel. 14 hours and 48 minutes ago.
Bless you
TheEpicBT. 15 hours and 22 minutes ago.
Robby 12. 19 hours and 12 minutes ago.
Me:how to get the mc donalds new straw Cashier: from a happy meal
SALAMIWORRIOR21 Xd. 19 hours and 45 minutes ago.
The straw is so that you get all the favors
AngryFailingCow. 23 hours and 17 minutes ago.
Sen wich
Guner Berida. 1 day and 2 hours ago.
Welcome back mall pig tory lol like if you agree
Kevin Allen. 1 day and 4 hours ago.
Bless you
Alex Kobzev. 1 day and 5 hours ago.
I love it when he says B O O M
Pokemon O. 1 day and 6 hours ago.
Very cool
Trish King. 1 day and 8 hours ago.
that straw isnt for clogging isues,its to get all the flavor in the sham-rock shake
clorox bleach. 1 day and 8 hours ago.
The French fry fork was awesome, can you test the bug-a-salt?
Jimbo L. 1 day and 9 hours ago.