stupid chicken

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Published by Arnaud Ahache


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stupid chicken by Ah
Stupide poule
a chicken sandwich


Stupid chicken... I think not!
Charizard 822. 1 hour and 27 minutes ago.
thats mean
furry boy man yiff yiff owo. 2 hours and 42 minutes ago.
0:30 "Well, I guess this is my life now."
Tornado Chaser. 4 hours and 18 minutes ago.
I guess u could say that is in-bread 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angel Uchiha. 5 hours and 36 minutes ago.
Chicken life in a nutshell
Kira Johnson. 9 hours and 28 minutes ago.
The chicken looks fabulous!👌👌
Mystiki Ceballos. 11 hours and 1 minute ago.
Vicky. 12 hours and 25 minutes ago.
person in background sounds like a chicken
watchgoose. 15 hours and 8 minutes ago.
It's like Snapchat for,birds😂
Dogs Pazd. 23 hours and 46 minutes ago.
I can't tell if the laugh is coming from the chicken itself or a human...
Allah Raptor. 1 day and 2 hours ago.
This is the kind of content I like to see
Dank Potatoes. 1 day and 7 hours ago.
Too cute
Ma Barker. 1 day and 7 hours ago.
thats me
someone who hates jake paul. 1 day and 8 hours ago.
Une poule n'est pas stupide. C'est simplement une poule avec un Quotient Intellectuel de poule. Tout est normal.
Trader33 Peter. 1 day and 12 hours ago.
Inbreed chicken.
Clorox Bleach. 1 day and 13 hours ago.
For one like, you can stop bread abuse today and save one breads life.
MysteriousPotato13. 1 day and 14 hours ago.
That's how jewellery was invented Only by artifical intelligence
Link Legend Of Zelda. 1 day and 15 hours ago.
yeaay..i got two necklace!!!!.. hahaha
white roses. 1 day and 16 hours ago.
hahhahahz lol
the anonymous. 2 days and 6 hours ago.
it's pre-breaded chicken
someone you know. 3 days and 2 hours ago.