stupid chicken

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Published by Arnaud Ahache


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stupid chicken by Ah
Stupide poule
a chicken sandwich


0:24 "Fuck it"
B T. 1 hour and 11 minutes ago.
That end clip HAHAHAHAH
EndZiiel. 15 hours and 3 minutes ago.
she wonts to make a necklis
Myante Bouwer. 21 hours and 17 minutes ago.
How can you be laughing so much and keep the camera still
Andy Andys. 1 day and 16 hours ago.
Props to the man in the background losing his shit
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. 2 days and 15 hours ago.
I like my chicken sandwich raw
little N. 3 days and 12 hours ago.
And in the 8th day God created chicken sandwich
Beni Csuvár. 3 days and 13 hours ago.
The chickens don't eat the bread The bread eats the chicken.
XxXScroll3XxX. 4 days and 13 hours ago.
So does two slices of bread and chicken in the middle make a sandwich with legs?
chasebh89. 5 days and 39 minutes ago.
Lol I should be studying
Greek Legend. 5 days and 5 hours ago.
At my school we have 8 chickens and they r now laying eggs. They are much more stupid then this chicken
Livvy Games. 5 days and 16 hours ago.
Moe Locs. 5 days and 17 hours ago.
Saving it for later...
iamsharils. 6 days and 46 minutes ago.
Does anyone know what happens if you feed a chicken nothing but bread for... about ten years? It's for a story and I need to be accurate.
bat sheep1. 6 days and 4 hours ago.
Haha 😂
Albion Ambrose. 6 days and 10 hours ago.
How to trick people Read more
Dodo. 6 days and 17 hours ago.
The bread is stupid.
ELITE-DELTA -117. 7 days and 21 hours ago.
toast on the go
mohammad assadi. 9 days and 6 hours ago.
The funniest thing about this video is the giggling fit happening in the background :D
Rachel Hallway. 9 days and 9 hours ago.
Pollo enpanisado!
Daniel Jimenez. 9 days and 23 hours ago.