G-Eazy On Stepping Away From H&M, Being A Crazy Gemini, Halsey & More

2018-01-12 898,166 views 37:12 13,482 1,229
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Never heard of this guy till the h&m debacle. Is he a Jew?
psychothefear. 2 hours and 17 minutes ago.
I’m for the Caribbean #trini who else frm the Caribbean here
team countryboyz. 3 hours and 54 minutes ago.
Wldnt even kno who he was if cardi wasn’t on the no limits joint 🤔🔥🔥🔥
team countryboyz. 3 hours and 55 minutes ago.
Anyone notice the Cetaphil
X-RYA. 5 hours and 38 minutes ago.
They make him look like the worst drug addict and alcoholic in the business. Yea he do loads of both, but there's LOADS of artists that party like this. He's probably not worse than anyone
Puuske. 9 hours and 16 minutes ago.
looking like a young ass Robert Dinero
Alex Ornelas. 10 hours and 20 minutes ago.
I like that Pusha-T quote
Leighton Poston. 10 hours and 57 minutes ago.
Cristina Zoe. 11 hours and 11 minutes ago.
25:54 awkward silence
Zakaria Hysoka. 12 hours and 10 minutes ago.
he doesnt seem friendly. takes his ass too seriously, fucking ice queen.
Sylvia T.. 13 hours and 47 minutes ago.
You know what I’m sayin?
GuitarGeekCm. 14 hours and 43 minutes ago.
I love this man!
Islyne S.. 14 hours and 52 minutes ago.
Go figure! -G-Eazy
Islyne S.. 14 hours and 52 minutes ago.
omg his voice is soooooo ;lkhdFl;kasjdl;fkj help me jesus
Steven Hill. 16 hours and 44 minutes ago.
I just think there is a likeability that some artist have, and G-Eazy is definitely one of them. He's smart, and culturally aware, honest and owns who he is. I respect that.
CaliCutie1976. 17 hours and 41 minutes ago.
Are we sure G-easy ain't with the mob?
Ro. 17 hours and 49 minutes ago.
g stick with your own vision for your life!!! you do not have to have kids. some people you shouldnt listen to on certain matters anyway.
J DS. 19 hours and 11 minutes ago.
I love his voice
Grace Bediako. 19 hours and 30 minutes ago.
everything about him is Fucking HOT
Groovy Girl. 22 hours and 43 minutes ago.
Is this the guy who sounds like drake?
amin jamal mungin. 23 hours and 8 minutes ago.