The Trump Presidency: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

2017-11-13 5,799,579 views 23:51 147,933 11,210
Published by LastWeekTonight


One year after the presidential election, John Oliver discusses what we've learned so far and enlists our catheter cowboy to teach Donald Trump what he hasn't.

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Talks shit about Trump, doesn't know shit about politics.
Nathan Hausladen. less than a minute ago.
Who is leaving the very sad children alone?
Mariam H.. 4 minutes and 19 seconds ago.
i will vote for Trump again
Till End. 4 minutes and 23 seconds ago.
Awe. Liberals still crying 😂😂😂Trump 2020 is a given.
Roger Pean. 12 minutes and 27 seconds ago.
Hey John, you nutter, remember when you told him to run. ROFLMAO.... You fucking retard. Trump is still winning and it is hilarious watching fucktards like you losing their minds for the next 8 years
trf12567. 17 minutes and 18 seconds ago.
John looks like a sock that was left out of the dryer.
blanehale. 47 minutes and 49 seconds ago.
12K of americans didn't get the point on how dumb people really are....
reason vlog. 51 minutes and 37 seconds ago.
that chick is weird and is mentally unstable who would vote for a crazy chick like that.
Steve Cornell. 57 minutes and 19 seconds ago.
What about his policies? They are less important than his tweets?
Gidon Brack. 1 hour and 2 minutes ago.
you do look like a aged apple!! and you dont like our country go back to your great Britain!!!
Steve Cornell. 1 hour and 5 minutes ago.
But why a catheter?
FragmentalStew. 1 hour and 8 minutes ago.
Republicans 's new way of covering up for crimes they have committed: "Fake News!" Right now, if you have a video showing a Republican committing crimes all he has to do is yell out "fake news!" and that is all the evidence those shady Trumptards and RepubliCONs need to disqualify your video evidence!
Grand Wonder. 1 hour and 40 minutes ago.
John Tyler Jr. was tenth president fwiw.
FragmentalStew. 1 hour and 42 minutes ago.
I still can't decide if Hilary Clinton would have been better or worse
Joe Robinson. 1 hour and 47 minutes ago.
the 10th president was john tyler
Comic God. 1 hour and 49 minutes ago.
Damn, that's danika roem? She's hot. I'd do some of that robo-pussy.
Greg mayonnaise. 1 hour and 55 minutes ago.
The biggest idiot on human history The award goes to Donald trump AxaxaxXaxaxXxxXaa
dim ss. 1 hour and 57 minutes ago.
Why do politics have to be so divisive? Why are we pretending to be proud to have these people represent us. Why are we parading the most extreme incarnations of our parties politics as our beacons of democracy? The gays, the Muslims, the trans.... Etc aren't the vast majority. Though they're inherit freedoms represent the foundation of our nation, it isn't necessary to have to put them all out front and center and decry anything else as homophobic, transphobic, or islamaphobic. And the fact that you're either leftist or a bigot, a republican or a pervert socialist is the absolute reason so many decent people have decided to avoid political discussions that effect us all. Even in politics, every action has an equal an opposite reaction. They only way to have a rational and sane discussion is to have two sane and rational people. Elect non-partisan representatives. Put the extremist out of office and let them seek medical help.
junit483. 2 hours and 32 minutes ago.
2017 and we're still making nickelback jokes. That writer needs a vacation and more music
Jerky McJerkison. 2 hours and 39 minutes ago.
Old news. Chapelle said we elected our first internet troll as a president
Jerky McJerkison. 2 hours and 46 minutes ago.